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An official website of the Chester County Government.

Municipal Corner

Municipal Project Examples

Parking Garage
Comprehensive Plans

Comprehensive Plans

Comprehensive Plans allow municipalities to establish guidelines and plan for their future through goals, objectives, and other planning related strategies. View examples


Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances

Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances provide guidance and standards for land and building development, as well as land and building usage, in a municipality. View examples


Transportation Studies

Transportation Studies help to assess a municipality's transportation needs, challenges, and opportunities within a specified area. View examples


Open Space and Environmental Studies

Open space and Environmental Studies can ensure that municipalities protect their natural resources and environment through various preservation efforts. View examples


Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation efforts play a critical role in understanding Chester County's past and preserving what's historically significant. View examples

Economic Development

Housing and Economic Development Studies

Housing and Economic Development Studies provide insight into a municipality's needs and challenges when it comes to residents and businesses. View examples