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An official website of the Chester County Government.

Land Use and Development

Chester County currently has over 500,000 people and 300,000 jobs and has a wide range of urban, suburban, rural, and agricultural landscapes. Significant new development is expected because of the county's growing population and job base. This web page provides information on the Vision Partnership Program, plan review procedures, and land use tools.

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Plan Reviews

Development Plan Reviews

The Planning Commission reviews plans, zoning, subdivisions, and land developments under the Municipalities Planning Code and sewage facilities under Act 537. Learn More


Vision Partnership Program

Learn more about planning documents and policies that support Chester County's status as a leader in open space preservation. Learn More

Design Guides

Landscapes Design Guide Series

These guides provide examples and sample ordinance language for creating developments and zoning that are consistent with the Landscapes Map. Learn More

Conservation Subdivision

Conservation Subdivision Design Guide

This guide provides design and technical guidance on how to develop ordinances for developments that preserve natural resources and scenic views while creating high quality places for people to live. Learn More

Commercial Landscapes

Commercial Landscapes

The Commercial Landscapes series highlights realistic strategies, recommendations and best practices for repurposing underperforming commercial areas. Learn More

Village Preservation

Village Preservation

The county's villages are unique and iconic locations within Chester County that should be allowed to evolve while still maintaining their historic character. The county's Village Preservation Guide provides best practices and local examples for achieving village preservation. Learn More

Existing Land Use

Existing Land Use

Learn more about existing land use in the county, general changes over the past twenty years, and major trends. Learn More


Land Use Tools for Municipalities

Our extensive library of land use tools provides expert guidance on zoning, subdivision ordinances, and other planning tools. Learn More


Land Use Partners

Municipalities control land use policies, working with a wide range of partners and advocates. Learn More


County Land Use Planning Policies

Balancing growth and preservation through effective land use policies is a key component of Landscapes3, the county's comprehensive plan. Learn More

Planning In PA

Planning in Pennsylvania

The rules that guide planning in municipalities are based on state enabling legislation that governs all elements of planning in Pennsylvania. Learn More


Land Use and Development Data

See municipal land use percentages, access subdivision and land activity information, and review non-residential construction report data. Learn More